Entyvio Infusion # 2: Delayed

The loading dose schedule for Entyvio is a 30 minute infusion on weeks 0, 2 and 6. After the first three doses, standard protocol is to continue infusions every 8 weeks. Like other biologics, you shouldn’t receive treatment if you are sick or have a fever. Well guess what guys? It’s time for loading dose number 2 and I’ve been sick for the last week!

There is a nasty bug going around here in Fort Wayne and my husband and I were two of the lucky ones to catch it! Can you feel the sarcasm? If not, you probably don’t know me very well… Per my infusion nurse’s instructions, I called her to inform her that I am (still) sick and that we need to reschedule tomorrow’s appointment. We’re going to cross our fingers and try again next Thursday!

Even though I feel like a steam roller has gone right through my sinuses, I still have quite a bit of energy and my belly has been pain-free all week long!

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