Humira Pen Too Intimidating?

Remember when I first wrote about starting Humira?  Well, even though it’s a great medicine, I found myself in panic-mode every time I realized that it was “injection day!”

I’ve found that the Humira Pen is great for people that have a fear of needles.  However, it is NOT for me!  Each injection comes with a spring loaded needle and a loud (scary) click.  Lucky for me (and a small percentage of other Humira users), there is a pre-filled syringe that can be used in lieu of the pen.  The syringe has been a lifesaver for me, but I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who is already content with the pen!

Humira Syringe Humira Pre-filled Syringe is quite different, but just as easy to use.  First, you remove the cap from the syringe and point then needle toward the ceiling.  Push up on the plunger until the medication is at the top of the syringe.  After cleaning the injection site with an alcohol pad (as with any other injection) you can insert the needle.  You should gently squeeze the area you will be injecting and insert the needle at a 45 degree angle.  Finally, you can push the plunger until all the medicine has been injected and dispose of the empty syringe (into a sharps container).

I won’t lie.  When I first prepared myself to give myself this shot, I was extremely nervous… but the directions are clear, the syringe is easy to use, and the needle is small!


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